Bunker Souple

Since 1998 Bunker Souple wants to bring together individuals and groups with a yearning for a creative and uninhibited Brussels.

Bunker Souple was created on the idea that there was a whole new creative life under the visible surface of Brussels: individuals were becoming active, ideas were being launched, initiatives taken. At the same time these initiatives were not looking for ways into the official cultural institutions.

Bunker Souple was created as a means to keep these creative forces independent, but at the same time to create a pool of human and intellectual resources that could help these germinating initiatives to mature. Bunker Souple is everything created under the name of Bunker Souple, and everybody can take an initiative to create a new Bunker Souple.

Bunker Souple Repertorium, Bunker Souple Radio and Café Ephemère are some of the results of Bunker Souple.


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Winter :: Hiver 2016

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Summer :: Ete
Zomer 2014

Summer :: Ete
Zomer 2013

Spring :: Printemps
Lente 2013

Winter :: Hiver
Winter 2012

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Ongoing Projects:

London - Euler
Brussels - PUM
Brussels - ProperWater|EauPropre


Eau Propre|Proper Water :: Brussels, July 2013, (Eng, Fr and Nl): available at the City Mine(d) boutique .

Small Initiatives for the European Quarter. From MAP-it to PUM :: Brussels, April 2012: Read here (Eng, Fr or Nl) or at the City Mine(d) boutique

Urban Platform Booklets #1-5: a series of 5 micro-publications, Brussels 2010 Each booklet accompanied an activity that was a step in the preparation of the Urban Platform, an open and inclusive gathering of small initiatives in Brussels. Read here (Eng, Fr or Nl) or available at the City Mine(d) boutique

Networkbook for Urban P/Arts. 42 initiatives capturing London's Public Space, 2004: available at the City Mine(d) boutique .

Bunker Souple Repertorium 1998 & 2000: available at the City Mine(d) boutique .

MapRAC. Plannen voor het RijksAdministratief Centrum. La Cité Administrative de l'Etat en cartes & en question, 2004: available at City Mine(d) offices.

Towards. Cartes Subjectives d'interventions Urbaines à Bruxelles // Subjectieve Kaarten van Stedelijke Interventies in Brussel: available at City Mine(d) offices.

Generalized Empowerment. Uneven Development and Urban Interventions, 2006. Download here.

Micronomics scanning 2006: watch and read the content of the dvd here.

Recent Projects:

Urban Platform 2010
Micronomics 2008-10


micronomics on dailymotion

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