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Eau Propre|Proper Water :: Brussels, July 2013, (Eng, Fr and Nl): available at the City Mine(d) boutique .

Small Initiatives for the European Quarter. From MAP-it to PUM :: Brussels, April 2012: Read here (Eng, Fr or Nl) or at the City Mine(d) boutique

Urban Platform Booklets #1-5: a series of 5 micro-publications, Brussels 2010 Each booklet accompanied an activity that was a step in the preparation of the Urban Platform, an open and inclusive gathering of small initiatives in Brussels. Read here (Eng, Fr or Nl) or available at the City Mine(d) boutique

Networkbook for Urban P/Arts. 42 initiatives capturing London's Public Space, 2004: available at the City Mine(d) boutique .

Bunker Souple Repertorium 1998 & 2000: available at the City Mine(d) boutique .

MapRAC. Plannen voor het RijksAdministratief Centrum. La Cité Administrative de l'Etat en cartes & en question, 2004: available at City Mine(d) offices.

Towards. Cartes Subjectives d'interventions Urbaines à Bruxelles // Subjectieve Kaarten van Stedelijke Interventies in Brussel: available at City Mine(d) offices.

Generalized Empowerment. Uneven Development and Urban Interventions, 2006. Download here.

Micronomics scanning 2006: watch and read the content of the dvd here.

Ongoing Projects:

Brussels - PUM
Brussels - ProperWater|EauPropre
London - AmpLife

Recent Projects:

Urban Platform 2010
Micronomics 2008-10


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City Mine(d)

is an international network of individuals and collectives involved with city and local action. It brings together micro-initiatives, creates urban interventions and makes public space Read more...

City Mine(d) NOW

Localism Act

March 06, 2014, 12:37:14 PM by >Jim in .

As part of our ongoing work about
participation, local democracy and 'Augmented Democracy',
City Mine(d) this week in London starts workshops about the Localism Act.

In the former Olympic area, now East Village,
a Forum is being organised Thursday 6 March
as part of London Legacy.
Read the rationale behind it here
and here

In Camden Town
a Forum will be organised on Saturday 8 March.
Thoughts about that here

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Pacco-fest Reports

March 05, 2014, 07:54:05 PM by >Sofie in .

images: Michael Delausnay

Lees hier alles over de eerste ACCELERATOR BRAINSTORM van 15 februari, het begin van een open proces rond het samen bouwen en gebruiken van een meet-instrument voor waterkwaliteit, dat relevant is voor stedelingen en wetenschappers.

Discussies, vragen, ideeën rond Pacco-test koffertje, scherm, database, gebruikers, computer, uitleenpunt en water.

Het Pacco-fest rapport

Pour en savoir tout sur le premier ACCELERATOR BRAINSTORM du 15 février, le début d'un processus ouvert autour de la construction et l'utilisation collectives d’un instrument scientifique urbain pour tester la qualité de l'eau, cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous.

Discussions, questions et idées autour de la mallette, l’écran, l’ordinateur, le point d’emprunt, la base de données, les utilisateurs, et l’eau du Pacco-test.

Le rapport du Pacco-fest

Everything you want to know about the first ACCELERATOR BRAINSTORM of 15 februari, the starting of an open process to collectively build and use a scientific measuring instrument for water quality hat is relevant for citizens as well as scientists.

Discussions, questions, ideas for the Pacco-test box, screen, computer, lending point, data-base, users and water.

The Pacco-fest Report

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February 04, 2014, 01:02:31 PM by >leo in .

14:00 >> 21:00 
herdersstraat 30 rue du berger 
1050 bxl


--> read • lisez • lees "full story"

info & contact:

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January 07, 2014, 04:04:24 PM by >Sofie in .

join us • volg ons • rejoignez nous : -

bxl • ldn
jim léo noémie siraj sofie
& amplife, DIYDay, Etats Généraux de l'Eeau, IRSNB, Latitude, Piezaterre, ]pyblik[, PUM, Research in Brussels, TokTocKnock, Zilelearhitecturii ...

de huidige projecten van City Mine(d) komen tot stand met de financiële steun van • les projets actuels de City Mine(d) sont réalisés grâce au soutien financier de • City Mine(d)s actual projects are set up with the financial support of:
VGC Stedenfonds • la Ville de Bruxelles | de Stad Brussel • EU • Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest | Région Bruxelles Capitale

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"Hello 2014" and "Hello World" !

January 01, 2014, 12:32:26 PM by >Jim in .

Dear friends of the Pacco-test,

This message is the first one (ever!) sent from the Pacco-01 [pictured below]
the hand-sized computer that will power the Pacco test in times to come.

May wealth, health and happiness be your share in 2014
and may we meet many times [already save 15 February!].

Sent from Pacco-01, a Raspberry pi

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