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Ongoing Projects:

London - Euler
Brussels - PUM
Brussels - ProperWater|EauPropre


Eau Propre|Proper Water :: Brussels, July 2013, (Eng, Fr and Nl): available at the City Mine(d) boutique .

Small Initiatives for the European Quarter. From MAP-it to PUM :: Brussels, April 2012: Read here (Eng, Fr or Nl) or at the City Mine(d) boutique

Urban Platform Booklets #1-5: a series of 5 micro-publications, Brussels 2010 Each booklet accompanied an activity that was a step in the preparation of the Urban Platform, an open and inclusive gathering of small initiatives in Brussels. Read here (Eng, Fr or Nl) or available at the City Mine(d) boutique

Networkbook for Urban P/Arts. 42 initiatives capturing London's Public Space, 2004: available at the City Mine(d) boutique .

Bunker Souple Repertorium 1998 & 2000: available at the City Mine(d) boutique .

MapRAC. Plannen voor het RijksAdministratief Centrum. La Cité Administrative de l'Etat en cartes & en question, 2004: available at City Mine(d) offices.

Towards. Cartes Subjectives d'interventions Urbaines à Bruxelles // Subjectieve Kaarten van Stedelijke Interventies in Brussel: available at City Mine(d) offices.

Generalized Empowerment. Uneven Development and Urban Interventions, 2006. Download here.

Micronomics scanning 2006: watch and read the content of the dvd here.

Recent Projects:

Urban Platform 2010
Micronomics 2008-10


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City Mine(d)

City Mine(d) is an independent organization based in London and Brussels. Our aim is to involve citizens & local residents in urban development. Read more...

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ATLAS Friche Eggevoort 2011-2015

appel a contributions :: oproep voor bijdragen

Racontez-nous vos histoires de la Friche Vertel ons jouw Friche-verhalen Tell us your Friche Eggevoort stories


Pacco-test Automatique


La version automatisée du Pacco-test, un instrument pour faire du monitorage de qualités physiques d'une eau de surface en ville, cherche un contexte concret où il pourrait se rendre utile.
Etes-vous :
... un  chercheur qui observe une source (urbaine) d'eau?
... un groupe d'habitants actif autour des questions de l'eau dans le quartier?
... associé à un endroit qui devra être réaménagé en raison d'inondations ?
, etc...


> Consulter la fiche descriptive du Pacco-test-automatique.
> Consulter la fiche technique (sondes et data sample)

Full Story

Pacco-Walk 001

Dear friends of the Pacco-test,

Tomorrow April 8- a cloudy but dry Spring Wednesday - we are taking the Pacco-test for a Test-ride !
We will analyse 6 public water points at the heart of the Senne Valley.
Do come and join us!

We start at 19:00 at place Rouppe [GPS coordinates 50.842810, 4.345810 for the fans],
the map below allows you to catch up and discover some water points in the Valley for yourself.

We hope to see you there

Pacco-test: WE ARE LIVE !

Dear friends of the Pacco-test!

TODAY: 20 March 2015. On the eve of WorldWaterDay. During a breathtaking solar eclipse. The Pacco-test was road-tested by about 30 young people all aged around 9 years old. AND IT WORKED !!!!

The picture below shows a young lady geek and young gentleman geek testing the quality of the Friche Eggevoort pond.

Join us to celebrate this EXTREMELY festive occasion on 29 March,
and while we're at it, celebrate the inauguration of the long awaited water playground

Sunday 29 March from 15:00
Friche Eggevoort
Av du Maelbeek 23
1040 Etterbeek

And this is only the beginning!
Expect more. Much more.

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